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Q–Power® belts keep expensive farm equipment running.  The Q–Power® Belt program offers the farmer heavy duty, long lasting belts from local sources of supply.

All of our agricultural belts are manufactured to American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) specification S211.6 specifically for agricultural applications.  Our Q–Power® Belts have been in the field in Europe, North America, South America, and Africa for many years.  They have proven to be able to perform in any harvest condition.  Q–Power® Belts have been extremely well received by our network of distributors and the ultimate consumer.

All you have to do is look at our Q–Power® V–Belt.  You’ll see the difference in design, materials, and construction.

The V–belt is what drives such things as the clean grain auger, return auger, and straw spreader. It’s called a V–belt because of its “V” shaped cross–section.  The sides of the belt are what grip the pulleys.  The purpose of the V–belt is to transfer rotation (torque) from the powered pulley to one or more driven pulleys.  The belt must be designed and manufactured to transfer this torque efficiently and reliably.

Quality Power Products, Inc. has used the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes to build our Q–Power® Belts.  It’s this commitment to quality that will keep your equipment running long after other belts have worn out.

Features and Benefits of Q–Power® V- Belts:

  • Q–Power® Agricultural V–Belts are produced to ASABE Standard S211.6 — Q–Power® Belts provide perfect fit on combine drives.
  • Q–Power® Agricultural V–Belts have a special rubber compound reinforced with KEVLAR® fiber which gives our Q–Power® belts superior transverse rigidity and heat resistance.  These fibers add mass to prevent the belt from collapsing under the heaviest loads.
  • Q–Power® Agricultural V–Belts have heavy gauge KEVLAR® tensile members which are five times stronger than steel by weight for high break strength.  These tensile members will keep your machine in the field.  Q–Power® belts will keep you running.
  • Maximum performance on clutching drives and tolerant to pulley misalignment.
  • HA, HB, and HC are built to match standards for matched sets.

HA, HB, and HC belts are dimensionally similar to A, B, and C industrial belts described in Rubber Manufacturers Association standard IP-20.  However, the constructions differ in tensile members, cord placement, compounds, and fabric in the case of wrapped belts.  In addition to our Q–Power® V–Belts we also manufacture the classical A, B, and C industrial belts that are built to Rubber Manufacturers Association specifications.

Typical Applications:

Q–Power® ASABE V–Belts


Q–Power® RMA Classical Belts

A, B, C
Industrial Drives

Every element of the Q–Power® V–Belt is designed to deliver premium, long life performance.  They are engineered to withstand the abuse of repeated sudden shock loads, tolerate high temperatures, and resist the damaging effects of oil and dust.

Belt Failure Analysis

Quality Always Comes Through!

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