Calculating Inside or Outside Length of a Conventional Drive Belt
Section Width (in) Add or Subtract (up to 210 in.) Add or Subtract (over 210 in.)
A, AX, 4L0.5002.00 in.2.10 in.
B, BX, 5L0.6563.00 in.1.40 in.
C, CX0.8754.00 in.2.20 in.
D, DX1.2505.00 in.2.70 in.
E1.5007.00 in.3.50 in.
AA0.5002.50 in.
BB0.6563.30 in.
CC0.8754.30 in.
BandedA3.00 in.
BandedB4.00 in.
BandedC5.00 in.
BandedD6.00 in.

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