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Newclear Cylinder Head & Block Pressure Tester

Pressure Testing A Must!!!

The importance of "pressure testing" heads cannot be overstated. The profits machine shops make are lost because of comebacks which can so easily be avoided. It is often too time consuming or the customer does not request it, to pressure test heads & blocks. By having the correct machine one can save approximately 70% on setup time. If pressure testing can be accomplished quickly and efficiently one can pressure test the component before work commences and be in a position to give the customer an accurate quote and report.

It can occur that when an aluminium cylinder head is removed from the engine, it stress relieves itself and cracks (this is only apparent if not pressure tested), after guides have been fitted, valves and seats cut and the head is in the process of being surfaced. It then has to be sent away or welded in-house and the machine process begins from scratch again. Therefore, even if the customer does not request a "pressure test" a professional shop will always cover all the bases to maintain their good reputation in a competitive market. The pressure testing becomes a vital link in the chain of reconditioning and the correct machine is an asset to that workshop. No more C-clamps and bits of broomstick hammered into the water holes, no, use a system that works and you are proud to show your customers.

Pressure Testing Head

From the drawing board stage of development until the finished product, only the highest standards were maintained in order to deliver quality in-hand tooled machinery. Workmanship of the most skilled, consistently went into producing the best in Automotive Pressure Testing equipment on the market to date.

The Newclear Pressure Tester is a revolutionary new machine that has been specifically designed for the automotive engineering industry. It has the capability to effectively test various cylinder heads and blocks e.g. a single M/Benz OM407 cylinder head, a Cummins 350 big cam block or a C15 Caterpillar cylinder head.

The main features of the Newclear Pressure Tester are one of total visibility through a transparent pressure plate with a 360° rotation capacity as well as an adjustable center of gravity to allow rotation of either a cylinder head or block to take place with ease. It is a complete unit with the added advantages of an in-line heater system which can provide hot and cold hydraulic testing capabilities up to 800 kPa and a quick set-up time.

  • Clear visibility.
  • Simple and quick set up time.
  • In-line heater system for hot / cold water testing.
  • Universal side clamping system.
  • Complete rubber blanking-off element kit to suit most cylinder heads / blocks.
  • Adjustable center of gravity for ease of rotating cylinder heads / blocks 360°.
  • Overall Length: 2300m m ( 90" )
  • Working Bed Length: 1480mm ( 58" )
  • Overall Height: 1220mm ( 48" )
  • Width/Swing: 900mm ( 36" ) CRS
  • Temp Range: Ambient - 85°C ( 185°F )
  • Pressure Range: 0 - 800 kPa ( 120 psi )
  • Electricity:Three Phase - 1 x 6 kw or customized to suit

Three Models Available

Newclear 100

(Automotive cylinder heads)

Standard Equipment (Included)

  • 650 x 250 mm (25 19/32" X 9 27/32") pressure plate
  • 850 x 250 mm (34" X 9 27/32") pressure plate
  • Air Line with special nozzle
  • 6 x 600 mm (23 5/8") adjustable side clamps with 6 x clamp holders
  • 1 x galvanized drip tray
  • Rubber duct board, length of drip tray
  • Digital temperature gauge
  • Universal Newclear end and side clamping system
  • Free standing accessory stand

Blanking Off Elements:

  • Complete blanking off rubber kit comprising of assorted sizes, complete with inlet/outlet manifold elements.

Newclear 125

(Automotive and large diesel cylinder heads)

In addition to the standard equipment the following is included with the Newclear 125;

  • 1200 mm x 300 mm (47 1/4" X 11 13/16") pressure plate
  • 2 x long side clamps
  • 2 x long side shoes

Newclear 150

(Automotive and large diesel cylinder heads plus large blocks)

In addition to the standard equipment the following is included with the Newclear 150;

  • 1200 mm X 300 mm (47 1/4" X 11 13/16") pressure plate
  • 6 x long side clamps
  • 2 x long swing arms
  • 6 x extended clamp holders
  • 2 x 850 mm (33 1/2") v-block pressure plate
  • Special block carriers & Safety clamps


  • 12 Months from delivery date.

Installation and Training:

  • All instructions will be supplied.

Installation and Operating Manual:

  • Supplied in English.

Supply Requirements (Excluded)

  • Cold water supply
  • Compressed Air
  • 120V single phase

Please Call (888) 333-3210 for pricing.


Letter of Recommendation
Our Newclear Pressure Tester is by far the most universal pressure tester we’ve ever owned. We have owned five, competitive-brand pressure testers in the past. None of them come even close to being as universal or easy-to-use as the Newclear. A friend had purchased one and convinced us to do the same. It was a great decision! With the Newclear Tester we are also able to heat heads and blocks with the integral water heater. Pressure testing “hot” has helped us find flaws in many blocks and heads that were previously undetectable with other competitive testers. This has saved us thousands of dollars in possible warranty claims as well as more work for our shop in repairing the leaks that were found with the Newclear Pressure Tester. In closing, we couldn’t live without it!

Scott E Wichlacz, President
Manitowoc Motor Machining & Parts Inc.

To Newclear leak testers,
I have been with Farmland Tractor since August of 2004. I had never used a pressure tester before that time. I was trained on your pressure tester and found it to be very easy to use. I like the fact that you can heat parts you are testing with hot water from the machine. Heating parts up has brought out cracks that at room temperature was not leaking. It is a very versatile machine and we test all sorts of parts. We test cylinder blocks, heads, oil coolers, radiator and even fully assembled engine. It is a very easy machine to train someone on. I highly recommend this machine to any machine shop wanting a easy, fool proof tester for their shop.

Jerry Williams
Machine Shop Foreman
Farmland Tractor Supply Inc.

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