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Baler Belting


Baler Belting Covers

MRT1 (.315") MRT2 (.230") MRT3 (.285")


Baler Belts Lacing

Part Number Key

EXAMPLE: QP2P10X415TTC 2 PLY 10" Wide X 415" Long Texture Top Clipper Lacing

Round Baler Belt Installation


  1. Always use the same ply construction for all belts. Two-ply and three-ply constructions do not react in the same manner under tension. Using different plied constructions will create an unequal load situation and the baler will not perform properly.
  2. Check all bearings for movement without drag or noise. Lubricate or replace as required.
  3. Check for bent or broken rollers and replace as required. Free all rollers of rust and foreign material buildup.
  4. Eliminate catch points, weld splatters, and sharp metal edges.
  5. Replace all worn belts at the same time.
  6. Resize all belts, new and old, to equal lengths for maximum load distribution.


  1. Take up roller adjustment to recommended tension. It is important to check your baler's operating manual for proper tension adjustment. Additionally, please note it is especially important to leave the recommended slack in the belts on Vicon®, McKee®, New Idea® and corresponding Case IH® models. A belt adjusted too tight will have a shorter service life.
  2. Occasionally check your belts, belt lacing, and pin during use. Make repairs or replacements as required. Please note the lacing and connecting pin are your belts' weakest points. Proper maintenance is critical to your baler's overall performance.
  3. Check your baler thoroughly before starting your next baling season, resize all belts and replace as necessary.
  4. Our baler belts are specially designed for large round balers.

**Resize all belts between each bailing season

The use of the original manufacturers' part numbers, e.g. CASE® and JOHN DEERE®, are for reference purposes only - the parts offered are not original manufacturers' parts. Quality Power Products, Inc., sells replacement parts for use in the equipment of various manufacturers. Quality Power Products, Inc., and the listed products contained herein are not sponsored, affiliated, or otherwise connected in any way with the equipment manufacturers named.

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