Ag Rubber Tracks

Q–Power® Tracks are manufactured as a one piece design using a highly engineered rubber compound. The large main steel cable along with reinforcement plies are used in the carcass of the track providing superior tensile strength, tracking properties and longitudinal strength. The edge area of the track is also reinforced for added protection of the tensile members and the track edge. The track tread lug pattern is optimized providing maximum footprint, the tread lug design also provides additional flexibility reducing overall stress on the track. The tread pattern also improves soil clean out and results in less vibration for a smoother ride.

QPP Part Make Track Length Track Weight Carcass Thickness # of Tread Lugs Tread Lug Pitch # of Guide Lugs Guide Lug Pitch Guide Lug Height
QPR545861 Challenger 353.00 1,235 1.61 88 8.03 44 8.03 4.25
QPR545863 Challenger 353.00 1,455 1.61 88 8.03 44 8.03 4.25
QPR241745 John Deere 324.00 992.00 1.61 94 6.89 47 6.89 3.35

Features and Benefits

Large Main Steel Cable

5.1 mm for maximum tensile strength Treated for rust prevention Coated for excellent adhesion

Steel Wire Reinforcement

Positioned for tracking Longitudinal strength Transverse rigidity

Reinforced Edge Area

Added protection at the track edge Tensile member protection

Engineered Compound

Abrasion and puncture resistant 15-20% less abrasion on lugs

Tread Pattern

Optimized design for max footprint 10-15% more contact area Less stress on the track 15% less vibration for smoother ride Improves soil clean out

Guide Lugs

Shape optimized for flexibility Designed for durability Abrasion and puncture resistant